Call for greater choice of psychological therapies on the NHS

The Health Service Journal has published a letter from the BPC highlighting the need for greater choice of psychological therapies on the NHS.

Our letter was written in response to the latest figures from the Health and Social Care Information Centre on the recovery of people undergoing treatment on the NHS's Improving Access to Psychological Therapies programme (IAPT).

We are glad that the IAPT programme has helped many people experiencing depression and anxiety but are concerned that 51% of IAPT referrals are not leading to treatment - with many people declining or dropping out of treatment.

The issue is likely to be one of choice - and there is a real need for IAPT to have more options for people with more complex mental health difficulties.

At the same time, existing psychological services which provide interventions more suited to people with complex needs are under considerable pressure.

We believe that anyone experiencing a mental health difficulty should be able to access an appropriate psychological therapy on the NHS.