Research into psychodynamic therapies with people with present or past psychosis

Dear colleague
I am writing this on behalf of  the ISPS* UK  psychodynamics and psychosis research group.  This is a small group currently focusing on taking small steps towards being closer to a position where an RCT  is  feasible and fundable.   
One such small step could be a multi-centre audit of outcomes of psychodynamic and psychodynamically informed therapies in patients with experience of psychosis, and we are writing to ask if you would be interested in contributing to this? If so it would be very helpful if you could get in touch with an answer to the very brief 3 questions below.
1.      In the last two years, have you offered psychodynamic or psychodynamically informed therapy to any clients with current or past psychosis*?  yes / no / don’t know
2.      Have you used outcome measures of any kind? yes / no / don’t know.  If so, please could you tell us of any you have found helpful? ……….........................
3.      Would you be interested in participating in a multicentre audit of outcomes for psychodynamic therapies in psychosis*?  This would mean using some (simple) outcome measures which would        be common to all participants)  yes / no / don’t know  

Please pass this message to anyone else you know who could be interested.
Alison Summers, Chris Douglas, Angela Kennedy, Brian Martindale
ISPS UK psychodynamics and psychosis research group

* (ISPS = International Society for Psychological and Social approaches to psychosis)