Psychodynamic Psychotherapy with Couples

Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust

An exciting opportunity at the Tavistock Clinic for staff, colleagues and students.

In the Couples Unit in the Adult Department, we have started a two-year training course for clinicians interested in developing their practice to working with couples. The course has been accredited by the BPC as a qualifying course in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy with Couples. We are now accepting applications for the second intake starting end of September.

Most trained psychotherapists will be primarily focused on their work with adult individuals, children, adolescents, families or groups. However couple work, parenting work, family work and individual work often overlap and each can inform the other in a stimulating way. Working with couples also opens up a new professional area in which there is never a shortage of couples needing help. Might you might be interested in considering the possibility of applying and developing your skills to working with couples?

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